A Miscellany of Men

Meet the miser, the mystagogue, the nameless man, the self-made man, the enchanted man, the free man, the man who thinks backwards, the romantic, and the fool. These early essays by Chesterton reveal the breadth and depth of his thought, as he combines literary criticism and social criticism to point to eternal truths. A Miscellany [...]

A Parliament of Monsters

Could Ireland spawn the beginning of the end? In 1999 the young Irish-American widow of a brilliant linguist stumbles into the center of a hellish scheme seeking to unite neo-Paganism with the ethereal domain of cyberspace. Claire O’Connell is wounded by grief and by infirmity, yet she must take her small and gifted son Patrick [...]

Aesop’s Fables

Beautiful reprint of the 1912 classic. Aesop's timeless wisdom, combined with Rackham's enchanting art and Chesterton's profound thought. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing, and don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs! These simple allegories — abounding in paradoxes, ambiguities, and ironies — embody great truths. Attributed to a legendary storyteller of ancient [...]

All Roads: Roamin’ Catholic Apologetics

In an irresistible series of short, sparkling chapters, Dale Ahlquist defends the Catholic faith against a wide variety of attacks that come at it from all sides. Combining quick wit, sympathetic understanding, and plenty of quotes from G.K. Chesterton, Ahlquist takes on such things as Atheism, Agnosticism, Islam, Protestantism, Materialism, Social Engineering, Environmentalism, as well [...]

An Essay on the Restoration of Property

A landmark work in European social thought, Belloc provides a unique alternative to how property distribution is planned by socialist states and how it naturally occurs in capitalist societies. The study attempts to rectify the wrongs in both major economic theories by approaching the problem from an entirely new angle, drawing on Christian and Catholic [...]


Here is a special two-in-one book that is both by G.K. Chesterton and about Chesterton. This volume offers an irresistible opportunity to see who this remarkable man really was. Chesterton was one of the most stimulating and well-loved writers of the 20th century. His 100 books, and hundreds of essays and columns on a great [...]

Best Laid Plans

John Peterson claims that the only justification for the surprise ending is that life itself is full of surprises. Our lives are full of strange accidents. He rightly invokes G.K. Chesterton who says 'With every step of our lives, we enter into the middle of some story we are certain to misunderstand.' Those who are [...]

Biography for Beginners

The Art of Biography Is different from Geography. Geography is about Maps, But Biography is about Chaps. With these rhyming lines, English novelist and humorist Edmund Clerihew Bentley introduces this book and an unusual form of verse of his own invention. Bentley's four-line poems, known as "clerihews," offer satirical views of historical figures, from Edward [...]


Callista, one of John Henry Cardinal Newman's two novels, is the story of a young pagan woman in Roman north Africa (modern-day Tunisia) and her would-be suitor, a Christian youth, easy-going in his religious practices. Newman paints a fascinating picture of life in the Roman province, with conflicts between imperial and local authority, sometimes gruesome pagan religious [...]

Catholic Literary Giants

In Catholic Literary Giants, Joseph Pearce takes the reader on a dazzling tour of the creative landscape of Catholic prose and poetry. Covering the vast and impressive terrain from Dante to Tolkien, from Shakespeare to Waugh, this book is an immersion into the spiritual depths of the Catholic literary tradition with one of today's premier [...]


Chesterton, a Doctoral Thesis by Willem Nieuwenhuis is a Dutch language book. And if you ask what's about you're asking the wrong people. We don't speak Dutch.

Chesterton and the Jews

G.K. Chesterton's patriotism and growing sympathy for the poor had always vied with his appreciation of Jewish family values and his gratitude to the Jewish people for bringing God to the world. Then, with the rise of Nazism, Chesterton once again became their champion. Chesterton and the Jews peels away post-Holocaust assumptions to reveal his [...]