Ethics and the National Economy

Written toward the end of World War I, this study of economics tackles the issue from the standpoint of religion and philosophy by summarizing the Catholic school of economics, which insists that the welfare of human beings belongs at the center of any real economy and that other systems that place either the individual or [...]

Flee to the Fields: The Founding Fathers of the Catholic Land Movement

A collection of ten thought-provoking essays by leaders of the movement, first published during the Great Depression, this new edition by IHS Press features an introduction by Dr. Tobias Lanz, and is footnoted and enhanced with classic photos and illustrations. Back in print after 68 years, this anthology of essays is a classic survey of [...]

G.K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense

G.K. Chesterton was one of the most well-known and beloved writers of his time. Yet he has been strangely neglected today. This book is the perfect introduction to Chesterton. Dale Ahlquist is an able guide who takes the reader through twelve of Chesterton’s most important books as well as the famous Father Brown stories. One [...]


Hilaire Belloc called Lepanto Chesterton’s greatest poem and the greatest poem of his generation. But not only have English classes neglected this masterpiece of rhyme and meter, History classes have neglected the story of the pivotal battle upon which the poem is based.This book brings together the poem, the historical background of the famous battle, [...]

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Yes, Alfred Hitchcock got the name of his movie(s) from this book, and no, the book has nothing to do with the movie(s). But if you like provocative detective fiction, then follow the adventures of Horne Fisher, the man who knows "too much" about the crimes he solves and the criminals who commit them. The [...]

Twelve Types

Twelve Types is twelve mini-biographies by Chesterton on such figures as St. Francis, Alexander Pope, Savonarola, Sir Walter Scott, Leo Tolstoy, and more. One of Chesterton's earliest books back in print for the first time in decades. "While many intellectuals of his day were espousing utopian nonsense, Chesterton accurately foresaw the Modern Age’s dark side, [...]