Irish Impressions


by G.K. Chesterton

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This beautiful edition of this unique book, with an introduction by Dr. Dermot Quinn of Seton Hall University, has extensive endnotes, photos, and commentary by the editors of IHS Press.

Chesterton visited Ireland in 1918, in the midst of its struggle for national and cultural independence. He discusses the universal themes that lie in the very pressing local issues of government, economics, culture, and religion.

Chesterton’s visit to Ireland resulted in this unique, readable, and thought-provoking book on Ireland and the Irish situation of the early 20th-century from one of England’s greatest essayists. In Irish Impressions, familiar Chestertonian themes — distribution of property, industrialism, the Faith and Christian society — are discussed in the context of Ireland’s struggle for national and cultural independence from the Britain of the early 1900s. Not mincing words, Chesterton points out both the strengths and weakness of the English and Irish positions during that crucial period, always with wit and wisdom — and an appreciation of religious, cultural, and economic essentials, which is characteristic of Chesterton’s work.

Originally published: London, 1919.

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