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Chesterton Day by Day


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This edition of The Chesterton Calendar was originally published in 1912, with selections from his writings for every day of the year (including the moveable feasts). Editor Michael Perry has added a helpful index and bibliography, and illustrated the book with Chesterton’s own drawings in Chesterton Day by Day.

For any author, much less a ‘rolicking’ journalist often caught up in the passing controversies of his day, the writings of G.K. Chesterton have shown remarkable staying power. During his life, this talented British writer was the private friend and public foe of writers such as George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells. Two-thirds of a century after his death, the ideas of Shaw and Wells seem curiously quaint and dated, while Chesterton’s writings remain fresh as the day they were written. That’s why many of Wells later and more political writings are out of print while more and more of what Chesterton wrote is finding its way back onto the shelves of bookstores.

The reason is simple. Chesterton is one of the most quotable writers of the twentieth-century. He has an incredible knack for capturing in a few concise and memorable words what other authors labor and groan to say over many pages. Lengthy books have been written to explain the essence of Fascism and its close kin Nazism. Few have come as close as Chesterton did when he remarked that, “The intellectual criticism of Fascism is really this: that it appeals to an appetite for authority, without very clearly giving the authority for the appetite.” That is Hitler’s Fuhrer Principle in a nutshell, and it also why so many followed the German dictator into madness.

For this book, Chesterton selected a reading from his writings between 1900 and 1911 for each day of the year and for each of the “moveable” Christian feasts.

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