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Chesterton on War and Peace


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A timely and provocative collection of Chesterton essays from The Illustrated London News from 1905 to 1922, showing Chesterton battling the ideas and movements that led to Nazism and World War II. Michael Perry’s excellent notes and introductions make his case that Chesterton should have been awarded the Nobel Prize in 1933.

Writing before, during and just after World War I, Chesterton describes what has gone wrong with Germany and warns that, if Germany is not forced to reform, that war will be followed by another and more horrible war. In these 111 articles, Chesterton criticizes militarism and debates the paths to peace being advocated by pacifists and internationalists. He also harshly criticizes a then-fashionable form of racism that would later be adopted by Nazism, making him one of Hitler’s first foes. These articles are extensively commented and footnoted to explain the context in which Chesterton wrote. In the back are appendices with articles on war and peace by Thomas Acquinas, Winston Churchill, Norman Angell, Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell, Mahatma Gandhi, and H.G. Wells

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