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Flee to the Fields: The Founding Fathers of the Catholic Land Movement


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A collection of ten thought-provoking essays by leaders of the movement, first published during the Great Depression, this new edition by IHS Press features an introduction by Dr. Tobias Lanz, and is footnoted and enhanced with classic photos and illustrations. Back in print after 68 years, this anthology of essays is a classic survey of the Catholic reaction to problems created by the industrial revolution and socialism and is a unique milestone in the history of social thought. Reacting to the Depression and the seeming inadequacies of capitalism and socialism, these thinkers contributed landmark essays on the topics of property, craftsmanship, industrialism, and more. With an introduction by Hilaire Belloc, this volume contains a coherent representation of one of the principal schools of thought applying Christian theory to the socioeconomic problems of early- to mid-20th-century Europe. This work will be of interest to anyone concerned with the history of social thought.


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