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The Flying Inn


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The Flying Inn is a hilarious satirical romp in which Chesterton inveighs against the forces of dreary and oppressive modernity, in the form of Prohibition, vegetarianism, theosophy, and other movements. The story concerns one Humphrey Pump (called Hump), the proprietor of a pub in the fishing village of Pebblewick. Mounting in a spirited response to an attempt to curtail alcohol sales, he takes to the road in a donkey cart in the company of Captain Patrick Dalroy, a crimson-haired giant with a tendency to burst into song. Armed with a cask of good rum, an enormous round of cheddar cheese, and the pub’s signpost, the friends extend good cheer to an increasingly restless populace, including a motley cast of memorable characters. The Flying Inn is the journey that becomes a rollicking, madcap adventure concluding with revolution and romance.

This new edition is assured an enthusiastic welcome from the author’s legions of fans.

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