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Toward a Truly Free Market


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For three decades free-market leaders have tried to reverse longstanding Keynesian economic policies, but have only produced larger government, greater debt, and more centralized economic power. So how can we achieve a truly free-market system, especially at this historical moment when capitalism seems to be in crisis?

The answer, says John C. Médaille, is to stop pretending that economics is something on the order of the physical sciences; it must be a humane science, taking into account crucial social contexts. Toward a Truly Free Market argues that any attempt to divorce economic equilibrium from economic equity will lead to an unbalanced economy—one that falls either to ruin or to ruinous government attempts to redress the balance.

Toward a Truly Free Market: A Distributist Perspective on the Role of Government, Taxes, Health Care, Deficits, and More is a refreshingly clear case for Distributism. What really distinguishes this book is that Médaille demonstrates that even apart from the moral imperative, Distributism prevails over other economic theories even on purely economic arguments. Along the way, he shows how we can slash the federal budget in half, streamline the bureaucracy, end the bailouts, and actually fix the health care mess.

In Toward a Truly Free Market, Médaille not only points out the problems, but also offers viable solutions, showing how we can:

  • Slash the federal budget by half
  • Reduce the tax code from nine million words to a couple of pages
  • Drastically curb the government’s sprawling bureaucracy
  • Manage natural resources safely, while cutting the budget in half
  • End the bailouts
  • Really reform the health care system
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1 review for Toward a Truly Free Market

  1. Richard Aleman

    John Médaille’s Toward a Truly Free Market is the book Distributists have been waiting for. The way to fixing our economy begins with understanding, and this book will be necessary reading for layman and academic alike. As satisfying a read as the author’s previous effort, this explicitly Distributist work is bound to present a challenge to skeptics who have doubted the viability of Distributism, educate those unfamiliar with it, and present a long-awaited opus for its supporters.

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