Gilbert Vol. 18.4 – Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton
The Apostolate of Common Sense
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Gilbert Vol. 18.4


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Volume 18 Number 4 | January/February 2015
2 | Tremendous Trifles

3 | Editorial

4 | Lunacy & Letters


6 | Straws in the Wind
The Prudery Of The Feminists by G.K. Chesterton

8 | Schall on Chesterton
On Heresy by James V. Schall S.J.

10 | Alarms & Discursions
G.K. Chesterton by H.I. Brock

14 | Miscellany of Men
Clocking into Life and Eternity by David Paul Deavel

16 | Rolling Road
A Sainted Place by the Sea by Dale Ahlquist

18 | In the Hills Half Heard
False Salvation Through Green Liquid by Art Livingston

31 | Ballad of Gilbert
The Happy Man by G.K. Chesterton

42 | The Signature of Man
Beauty in the Commonplace by G.K. Chesterton

44 | The Distributist
The Accidental Distributist—Part III by David McGinty

47 | Chesterton’s Mail Bag
The New Theology by G.K. Chesterton

48 | Letter to America
A Malthusian Ball by G.K. Chesterton

48 | Chesterton’s Sketchbook
Tales of the Short Bow

20 | The Blue Gate by James G. Bruen Jr.

20 | Superman by Grettelyn Nypaver

22 | History versus the Historians
Smoking and Sex in the Fifties and Beyond by Chuck Chalberg

24 | The Flying Inn
Cops by Dave Beresford

25 | The Flying Stars
Jogging with Gilbert and Frances by Nancy Carpentier Brown

26 | Chesterton University
Final Thoughts by Dale Ahlquist

27 | All I Survey
Transcendence and Immanence by David W. Fagerberg

28 | Varied Types
Happiness by Victoria Darkey


30 | What Would Jones Do? by Christopher Lansdown

31 | The Settled Science Paradox by Joe Campbell
The Detection Club

32 | The Diversion by James G. Bruen Jr.

33 | New Releases from BBC America by Chris Chan

34 | The Bus Rider by Chuck Neubecker

35 | Chesterton’s Bloodthirsty Heirs by Steve Miller


36 | His Humble Servant
Reviewed by David Fagerberg

37 | The Watson Chronicles
Reviewed by Chris Chan

38 | Clash of Civilizations over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio
Reviewed by Patricia Ober

40 | Fear of Film
Trial and Retribution
Reviewed by Chris Chan

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