Where to start with Gilbert Keith (G.K.) Chesterton? One way is to pick any book and just start. To quote novelist Tim Powers, “Chesterton is one of those writers who you almost don’t care what he happens to be writing about what in any given book, he’s just so fun to listen to.”

Besides that, the best introduction to this prolific author is Gilbert. Why Gilbert? It is designed for the neophyte, with small doses of Chesterton so you don’t feel overwhelmed, yet with enough of him that, issue by issue, you gradually become friends with this warm and engaging man. You’ll discover what so many others have, that he has a way of opening your mind and your heart, and before you know it you can’t get enough of him.

Each issue contains original writings by Chesterton covering any subject under (or above) the sun. In addition, our own contributors write on family life, the arts, politics, faith, current events, popular culture, literary and film criticism, original short fiction (three stories each issue!) and even jogging. And of course, they all also write about G.K. Chesterton. And we have Chesterton quotes. Dozens of quotes, in each issue. “There is only one subject,” Chesterton once wrote. And though Gilbert has only one subject, that subject is G.K. Chesterton, which makes us more interesting than any other magazine you’ll ever read.

Join the American Chesterton Society today! As a member of the American Chesterton Society you are entitled to a subscription to Gilbert (8 issues per year). In addition to making you the most interesting person at parties, membership gets you a 20 percent discount on Chesterton books in our store.

Thanks for your interest in G.K. Chesterton and the American Chesterton Society. Happy Reading!

Sean P. Dailey