The Girl Who Was Thirsty


by Dawn Eden

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In 2007, the annual Chesterton conferences was held at the University of St. Thomas, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The theme for this event was called The Man Who Was Today, in honor of Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday. Speakers included Joseph Pearce, Dr. Peter Floriani, Robert Moore-Jumonville, Dawn Eden, Luke Seaber, Geir Hasnes, Carl Hasler, Stephen Safranek, as well as two panels: the first was “Three Perspectives of ‘The Man Who Was Thursday” led by Aidan Mackey, Christoper Chan, and Kerry MacArthur. The second, “An Undergraduate Perspective of Chesterton and Literature” was led by Jorge Iglesias, Mike Streeter, and Rob MacArthur.

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The Girl Who Was Thirsty: How G.K. Chesterton Opened the Door to My Conversion | Speaker: Dawn Eden

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