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321 Chesterton (formerly the Melbourne Chesterton Society)

321Chesterton is located on the east coast of Florida. We are a group of men, many of whom are/were active duty military stationed at the nearby base. We’re mostly scientists and engineers. Exotic whiskey, beer, and tobacco sharing is strongly encouraged. We like to have bonfire accompaniment at our meetings.  Our first year, we started with Orthodoxy, reading and discussing a chapter each month.  When we finished, we started reading Heretics. So far, our sole activity consists of the meetings. Since it’s only men, a lot of our conversations revolve around manhood and/or fatherhood, and connecting Chesterton’s writings to our daily lives and other philosophical topics. Many of us are active in work bible studies, as well, but as a Chesterton Society, we read and drink.  For meeting information, please contact society President Ron Rozwood at [email protected] .


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