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The Sacramento Chesterton Society’s first meeting was held on June 19, 2012, mostly comprised of people from St. Stephen Parish. We chose Tremendous Trifles as the first book to use for discussion. It worked out very well for our group which includes several people that have read Chesterton for several years to varying degrees, as well as several whose exposure to GKC was limited, and even some that had not read anything by Chesterton, but were interested in learning more. Tremendous Trifles was good in that it gave small bite-sized exposure to many ideas Chesterton elaborates and expounds on in other works. It is also a good exposure to his style of writing. After finishing Tremendous Trifles we moved on to reading Orthodoxy. In addition to the essays (or the chapter of Orthodoxy) each month, we also read a Father Brown story, which we also discuss if time permits.

We have anywhere from 8 to 20 or so people show up for our monthly meetings. We never lack for conversation, and everyone is enthusiastic about reading and talking about GKC.

For more information, please contact Spencer.

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Spencer Roundtree

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