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Chesterton in Black and White


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A New Collection of Chesterton Essays Collected for the First Time in Book Form.

G.K. Chesterton wrote thousands of humorous insightful essays. Most of these have never been reprinted since their first appearance, and many of them have not seen the light of day for over one hundred years.

This new book collects thirty-nine essays written for the weekly magazines Black and White and The Bystander in 1903-1904, the years when the creative powers of young G.K. Chesterton were in their full bloom and he was establishing himself as the most exciting and provocative new writer on the London literary scene.

Here is Chesterton at his paradoxical best with such titles as:

That Black Is, in a General Sense, White

That Respectable People Are More Interesting Than Bohemians

That Bigoted People Have No Beliefs

That the Simple Life Is an Artificial Nuisance

That Humour Is an Overrated Quality

As Dale Ahlquist says: “We see in these essays, a foreshadowing of the arguments that will appear four years later in Orthodoxy: that poetry and imagination are sane, and that isolated logic can be maddening. The main theme? “The age needs, first and foremost, to be startled; to be taught the nature of wonder.’”

This book is edited with an introduction by Chesterton’s bibliographer Geir Hasnes, and proceeds will be used to support the completion of the bibliography project and the Chesterton Digital Library.

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