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Plato’s Gorgias (Adaptation by Julian Ahlquist)


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Gorgias is an ancient philosophical work written by Plato about a conversation between the famous philosopher Socrates and other Greek thinkers, one of whom was a popular public speaker named Gorgias. It begins with a discussion about the nature of persuasion, what one should aim to do with it, leading to deeper questions about morality, the difference between happiness and pleasure, and even the meaning of life itself.

This adaptation is designed to be the most accessible plain English version of this important ancient Greek text. Readers at all levels – from high school to college to the general public – will find themselves surprisingly drawn into this dialogue. It is an ideal introduction to the monumentally influential philosophy of Plato.


About the adapter: Julian Ahlquist teaches philosophy at Chesterton Academy in Hopkins, Minnesota. He created the philosophy curriculum that is used in all the schools in the Chesterton Schools Network. He is a graduate of Christendom College.

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