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Strange Things About Being Catholic


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In short, punchy chapters, Dale Ahlquist – with G.K. Chesterton at his side – takes the reader on a romp through his conversion, his adventures in defensing the Catholic Faith, and his fresh encounters with familiar things such as holidays and holy days and saints and sinners. Each episode reinforces that the Catholic Faith is strange … because it is true!


Reading G.K. Chesterton has been compared to opening a bottle of champagne: intoxicating, sparkling, and rare. Reading Dale Ahlquist is the same. In these essays you will sip the whimsical paradoxes of Catholicism but underneath the bubbly play find a refreshing dose of sanity. Ahlquist makes the case for Catholicism with wit and charm, showing how the Church is not boring, backward, and bland but is more like her founder: strange, and for that reason captivating. – Brandon Vogt, Author, Why I Am A Catholic (And You Should Be Too)

Dale Ahlquist has given us an irresistible collection of reflections on the Catholic Faith. The chapters are concise yet rich, thoughtful yet accessible, and lively yet profound. Take up this book and savor one entry every morning. If you do, you will become much better at defending and living the Catholic Faith. Here is an abundance of good techniques and solid answers, but more than that, the right and only disposition for Catholic apologetics: joy with a smile as broad as it is true. – Christopher Check, President, Catholic Answers

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