The life of Frances Chesterton, wife of English author G.K. Chesterton.

In The Woman Who Was Chesterton, Nancy Carpentier Brown combs through the fascinating life of Frances Chesterton, wife of the famous English author G.K. Chesterton. The first biography of its kind, this new title uncovers the unexplored love story between Gilbert and Frances with never-before-seen photographs and stunning biographical detail that Chesterton scholars and aficionados are sure to cherish for years to come.

The Woman Who Was Chesterton is a love story. But it is also a detective story. And best of all, it is a true story, told here for the the first time. Gilbert Keith Chesterton was a romantic, a writer of detective tales, and a teller of the truth. His own story and the stories he told are becoming better and better known. But what has remained unknown is the story of the most important person in his life: his wife Frances Chesterton. It is quite likely that as more is discovered about Frances, more biographies will be written of her, and they will be even more complete. But they will all come back to this one.


“This vivid and splendidly researched study of Frances has long been needed, but it is also of major importance for the light it throws on her grateful husband in the warm domestic setting which significantly extended his life.”

—Aidan Mackey, Senior Fellow, Chesterton Library, Oxford

“With The Woman Who Was Chesterton, biographer Nancy Brown offers us a compelling new consideration of one of the key ingredients in the genius of G.K. Chesterton: his wife, Frances. A true talent and a steadfast support, Frances—as introduced by Brown—deserves to be known, emulated and admired. Whether or not you’re a Chesterton fan, this book will capture your attention and leave you inspired!”

—Lisa M. Hendey, Founder of

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About the Author

Author PhotoNancy C. Brown is the author of numerous Chestertonian titles, including: The Father Brown Reader: Stories from Chesterton, The Father Brown Reader II: More Stories from Chesterton, Chesterton’s The Blue Cross: Study Edition and A Study Guide for G. K. Chesterton’s St. Francis of Assisi. Brown is the winner of the Kilby Research Grant for her work on Frances A. Chesterton.

Interview with Nancy C. Brown

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