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The Ball and the Cross


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Chesterton’s second novel, The Ball and the Cross, chronicles a hot dispute between two Scotsmen, a Roman Catholic, and an atheist, whose fanatically held opinions inspire a host of comic adventures. The story’s allegorical levels vigorously explore the debate between theism and atheism. Introduction by Martin Gardner who praises the “amusing puns and clever paradoxes.”

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  1. Richard J. Stuart

    One of Chesterton’s most underrated works, it is worth the attention of any student of literature or the apologetics. It’s a great example of how fiction can make a point better than a textbook. You would think the atheist would be the big villain in a Chesterton story, but Chesterton understands that sometimes understanding the question is more important than the answer. This is one of Chesterton’s books that becomes more topical every year as we see how he foresees the damage to our society from the abuse of the medical profession. A great read and very thought provoking. Only reason it doesn’t get five stars is because of some questionable editing.

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