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The Club of Queer Trades


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Six mysterious adventures of Basil and Rupert Grant, who encounter what seem to be strange, unexplainable crimes, all of which turn out to have even stranger explanations. The Club of Queer Trades is full of whimsical short stories by the brilliant and witty English author, G.K. Chesterton. Improbable plots, marvelously funny episodes, evocative descriptions of late Victorian London distinguish delightful tales focusing on a club devoted to completely original and unusual professions. First republication to include all 32 of Chesterton’s own original and hilarious illustrations.

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2 reviews for The Club of Queer Trades

  1. Eistus Ferri

    Although this is not exactly G.K.’s “deepest” work of fiction, it is immensely funny and entertaining. Not to brag, but I successfully used this book to bait a friend of mine into reading Chesterton leisurely for the first time – and he loved it! Great plot, great twists, and great plot twists (in each chapter, no less!) Don’t expect the cosmic relevance of _The Man Who Was Thursday_, or the obvious intellectual stimulus of _The Ball and the Cross_ with this one. Expect fun and the unerring Chestertonian preference for truth over facts.

  2. Nancy Carpentier Brown

    I agree with Eistus, this is my new favorite Chesterton book, mostly because it’s the one I just read :-). Seriously, this book is hilarious; but it’s also deep, as only Chesterton can do deep plus hilarious in the same sentence.
    It’s time to put this on your bucket list, birthday wish list, Christmas stocking list, or just go ahead and buy it for yourself. It will be a great treat, I promise!

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