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Gilbert Vol. 2.3


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Gilbert Vol. 2 No. 3 | Dec 1998

6 | Straws in the Wind
Chesterton’s look at the theology behind giving at Christmas.

8 | Schall On Chesterton
Christmas and the Spirit of Liberty by James V. Schall, S.J.

10 | An Interv iew w ith Anleth Wood
Ronald McCloskey talks with a young Chesterton ian activist.

14 | Feature Essay
David Fagerberg wishes you a very vulgar Christmas.

15 | On The Job
Love on the job with Carl Cassidy.

18 | Oh! Canada
The Gift of Christmas by David Beresford.

19 | What I Saw ‘in America
Sara Bowen with Bill Clinton, and others, in Philadelphia.

24 | Cinema Video
Allison M. Schneider looks at Leonard DiCaprio before he sank.

26 | Book Reviews
Chalberg on Buckley; Mackey on Pearce.

29 | Feature Essay
Thomas Martin looks at the modern mind, such as it is.

31 | Sugar and Spice
Looking back at Christmas, with Frances Farrell.

32 | Pop Goes the Culture
See Luke write. See Luke laugh.

33 | Chesterton On LitemtuTe
Joseph Schwartz looks at Chesterton’s “most splendid and magnanimous woman.”

36 | The Urban Distributist
John Peterson watches the polls.

38 | Fancies and Fads
In Bethlehem with Dale Ahlquist.


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