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Gilbert Vol. 3.2


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Gilbert Vol. 3 No. 2 | Oct-Nov 1999

6 | Straws in the Wind
“Confronting the Modern Mind” by G.K. Chesterton

8 | Schall On Chesterton
“We Are Still in Eden” by James V. Schall. S.J.

10 | An Interview
Dale Ahlquist interviews the mysterious Andrew Gulli

14 | Chesterton 101
A Requisite Course of Chesterton University:
Lecture One: The Poet

15 | Chesterton On Literature
“William Blake: Mistaken, not Mad” by Joseph Schwartz

18 | Oh! Canada
“Hold That Door” by David Beresford

19 | What I Saw in America
“Lingering In America” by Sara Bowen

24 | Cinema Video
Allison M. Schneider reviews Tucker: The Man and His Dream

25 | Book Reviews
John C. Chalberg reviews John Senior and James Taylor

28 | All I Survey
“Remembering To Forget” by David Fagerberg

29 | Sugar and Spice
“Home Sweet Home” by Frances Farrell

31 | The Wizard of Bits
“The Century of Eugenics” by Mary DeMarco

34 | Pop Goes the Culture
“Television’s Man of the Century” by Luke Sharpe

35 | All is Grist
“Strange Headlines and Very Odd News” by John Peterson

36 | The Urban Distributist
“Preparing the Feast” by Vincent Colin Burke


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