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The Hound of Distributism


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In a world obsessed with growth and globalization, Distributism proposes a bottom-up return to home-based and cooperative business as the right vision needed to restore an economy as if people and as if God mattered.

The Hound of Distributism is a collection of essays written by leading distributist authors from around the world. Given our present social and economic crisis, this timely and rich volume challenges the sterility of our present by recovering the value of the socio-economic theory of Distributism.

Snappy, witty, clear and concise essays explaining Distributism, the idea that keeps pursuing us.

Contributions by Dale Ahlquist, William Fahey, Russell Sparkes, Thomas Storck, Joseph Pearce, Peter Chojnowski, David W. Cooney, Mark and Louise Zwick, John Médaille, Phillip Blond, Philippe Maxence, Donald P. Goodman III, Bill Powell, the Hon. Race Mathews, and G.K. Chesterton!

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1 review for The Hound of Distributism

  1. Daniel Webb (verified owner)

    G.K. Chesterton said Distributism had an “awkward but accurate name” and based on what I’ve seen of critiques, I’d have to agree. Critics of Distributism accuse it of being “socialism” partly, it seems, because they hear the word “distribution” and immediately assume the confirmation bias of the “re-distribution of wealth” espoused by socialists. This could not be further from the truth.

    “The Hound of Distributism” is a great introductory work on this very important subject and is a great starting place for anyone curious or hesitant about what Distributism is. Each chapter is by a different author and about a different subject. Subjects range across the spectrum; from defining Distributism to usury to banking systems to comparisons with Marxism.

    Distributism is not an ideology that seeks utopia, it’s a philosophy that seeks sanity. Adherents seek first principles, they seek foundations upon which to build. Without solid foundations, anything will crumble.

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