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G.K. Chesterton on G.F. Watts


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British writer G.K. Chesterton expounded prolifically about his wide-ranging philosophies-he is impossible to categorize as “liberal” or “conservative,” for instance-across a wide variety of avenues: he was an arts critic, historian, playwright, novelist, columnist, and poet. His witty, humorous style earned him the title of the “prince of paradox,” and his works-80 books and nearly 4,000 essays-remain among the most beloved in the English language. First published in 1904, this is Chesterton’s analysis of English painter and sculptor George Frederick Watts. One of his first books, it explores, through Chesterton’s own artistic eye, the meanings and the beauty of the work of one of the most honored artists of his day, and remains an incisive masterpiece of critical thought. This replica edition includes all the original illustrations, including the beautiful sepia tones of Watts’ paintings.

A beautiful new book published by the Watts Gallery in England. Includes the full text of Chesterton’s 1904 monograph on Watts, plus several previously uncollected essays by Chesterton on this exquisite artist. 8 full-color plates. Foreword by Mark Bills, Curator of the Watts Gallery.

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