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The Apostle of Common Sense (Season 4)


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Dale Ahlquist and Chuck Chalberg return in another great collection of Chesterton episodes! Kevin O’Brien returns as Hillaire Belloc (and a host of other characters). See scenes from “Manalive,” and the little known Chesterton story “The Conversion of an Anarchist,” plus a re-creation of the debate between GKC and Clarence Darrow. Not to be missed! Season 4 contains the following captivating episodes:

1. “The Only Man I Regularly Read”
2. A Friend of The Family
3. How to Think
4. East and West
5. Health and Medicine
6. Law and Lawyers
7. Chesterton vs. Darrow
8. Abandon Hopelessness, All Ye Who Enter Here
9. Chesterton and Shakespeare
10.The Seven Deadly Sins – Part 1
11. The Seven Deadly Sins – Part 2
12. Ask Mr. Chesterton
13. Against the Stream

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