All Roads: Roamin’ Catholic Apologetics

In an irresistible series of short, sparkling chapters, Dale Ahlquist defends the Catholic faith against a wide variety of attacks that come at it from all sides. Combining quick wit, sympathetic understanding, and plenty of quotes from G.K. Chesterton, Ahlquist takes on such things as Atheism, Agnosticism, Islam, Protestantism, Materialism, Social Engineering, Environmentalism, as well [...]

Best Laid Plans

John Peterson claims that the only justification for the surprise ending is that life itself is full of surprises. Our lives are full of strange accidents. He rightly invokes G.K. Chesterton who says 'With every step of our lives, we enter into the middle of some story we are certain to misunderstand.' Those who are [...]

Get Louie Stigs

HAVE A SEAT, PAL... FBI agent Dennis Loughney has a problem. So does the Honorable Richard van Gothen, a judge with a social conscience. So does Father McColm, the abbot of an unusual monastic order. And so does Charles “Chuckie the Mangler” Mangano, a notorious crime boss. And they’re all the same problem. Meet Louis [...]

Hockey Study Guide

Introducing The Catechism of Hockey Study Guide, a workbook to help you delve into questions about hockey—and, more importantly, questions about the teaching of the Church. This study guide will take you into both Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You will begin to see the teachings behind the “rules,” or dogma and [...]

Jousting with the Devil

G.K. Chesterton believed in the Devil before he believed in God. Jousting with the Devil: Chesterton's Battle with the Father of Lies explores G.K. Chesterton’s encounter with the reality that is Satan. Whether or not you are familiar with Chesterton, you will be surprised at how familiar Chesterton is with this subject. Though he seems [...]

Justice & Charity

“Our country must be built upon a justice and charity in which our individual rights and privileges are conditioned by the service of the common good.” The dominating influence of Capitalism and Communism over modern societies has eclipsed the Catholic Church’s communication of her social and economic principles. Campaigns to win the affections of the [...]

The Catechism of Hockey

Why does hockey have so many rules? Do we still need to have penalty boxes? Can’t we get rid of offside? And why is practice so important? What’s the big deal with the Commissioner? And coaches? And referees? Why can’t they just let us play? Anyone involved in hockey – players, parents, fans – would [...]

The Four Men: A Farrago

The newest edition to ACS Publications, The Four Men tells a delightful tale of a pilgrimage in Sussex, a half-real and half-fictional allegory of the pilgrimage of life.  It is full of curiosities, inane things, songs and hymns, silliness, whimsy, and irreverent fun, which is classic of Belloc's writings.  In all this lightheartedness, Belloc weaves [...]

The Gift of Wonder: The Many Sides of G.K. Chesterton

In The Gift of Wonder edited by Dale Ahlquist, an excellent group of writers offer Chestertonian perspectives on the Moral Imagination, Science, Law, Nietzche, Agriculture, Criticism, St. Francis, and more (including, of course, murder mysteries). Those in the academy have never quite known what to do with Chesterton. They can't figure out if he belongs [...]

The Hound of Distributism

In a world obsessed with growth and globalization, Distributism proposes a bottom-up return to home-based and cooperative business as the right vision needed to restore an economy as if people and as if God mattered. The Hound of Distributism is a collection of essays written by leading distributist authors from around the world. Given our [...]

The Return of Father Brown

In spite of the quiet setting, Bardo County in the American Midwest enjoys a lot of murders, and there is only person who is able to solve them: an old priest in his 90’s, serving as the Assistant Pastor as St. Dominic’s parish. His name is Father Brown. John Peterson has taken his expertise on [...]

The Woman Who Was Chesterton

The Woman Who Was Chesterton is a love story. But it is also a detective story. And best of all, it is a true story, told here for the the first time. Gilbert Keith Chesterton was a romantic, a writer of detective tales, and a teller of the truth. His own story and the stories [...]