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Father Brown made his fame by being quite ordinary; he is as plain as a Norfolk dumpling. In these new stories, despite his age and his need for a cane, his mind continues to be as sharp as a tack, his powers of reasoning clear, his moral fiber, well, …fibrous.

Nancy C. Brown, Author

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle penned just sixty Sherlock Holmes stories; other authors, imitating the Holmes originals, have far exceeded Conan Doyle’s own output with an endless stream of new adventures of the great Holmes. By contrast, there have been very few attempts at creating new adventures for other fictional detectives including Father Brown.

Unlike his literary rivals, Father Brown had little interest in crime as such. His interest was in sin. After all, he was a priest. The secrets he uncovered were the sins of pride, vindictiveness, and heartlessness from which legal crimes spring or out of which a mental fog rises up to hide the truth.

In The Return of Father Brown, author John Peterson breathes new life into G.K. Chesterton’s famous sleuth, the mild-mannered priest-detective, into short stories as he rides into new adventures and solves new mysteries.

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A jewel, a treasure, a thing to be enjoyed again and again.

G.J. Meyer, award-winning author of The Tudors

John himself would have made an amusing detective. He has the rigorous logic, the uncanny intuition, the edgy humor, the strange compassion under the gruff exterior, and he has the theology right.

From the Foreword by Dale Ahlquist