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Get Louie Stigs


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FBI agent Dennis Loughney has a problem.
So does the Honorable Richard van Gothen, a judge with a social conscience.
So does Father McColm, the abbot of an unusual monastic order.
And so does Charles “Chuckie the Mangler” Mangano, a notorious crime boss.
And they’re all the same problem.
Meet Louis Stigmatelli, small-time con artist, wannabe mobster, and possible federal witness who could sink Chuckie for good.
When Louie’s convicted of fraud, he lands in a different kind of cell, where the other inmates are monks, the warden is a former boxer turned priest, and his continued existence has become a headache for the Mangano Mob.
What about his career as a petty criminal? And what about Agent Loughney’s case? How secure is Louie’s incarceration? And what kind of oddballs is he locked up with, anyway? All the answers – not to mention Louie’s soul – depend on who gets to him first.
Everybody has a reason to…GET LOUIE STIGS!
“A well-wrought tale told with wit, grit, but also charity, and it comes to a point! I approve. I think Chesterton would approve, but more importantly, so would Father Brown.”
-Joseph Pearce
Editor of the St. Austin Review and author of more than twenty books
“Completely entertaining…colorful characters, hilarious setups, unexpected twists…a potent and provocative page-turner!”
-Dale Ahlquist
Publisher of Gilbert Magazine
“I stayed up all night to finish it! Couldn’t put it down! Three thumbs up!”
-Mark Favorite
Reader extraordinaire and all-around wise person.
Prepare to be delighted with this unusual thriller from former FBI agent, Larry Pavlicek.
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1 review for Get Louie Stigs

  1. Patrick Conley

    Retribution or Redemption?
    GET Louie Stigs is a fun and innovative romp on two sides of two very different coins: mob life and monastery life. Author Larry Pavlicek, with experience in the FBI with the former and in the Catholic Church with the latter, does a great job bringing the two together in a supremely readable fashion…and there might just be a deeper message there, too!

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