Knights of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton
The Society of G.K. Chesterton
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Knights Title

Join us in the most important battle of our time

Evangelizing the world and forming saints through education, prayer, and the strengthening of the family.

Who We Are

The Knights of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton are a dedicated group of benefactors who, through their prayers and generous monthly support, assist the work of the Society to provide hope for the future by restoring faithful, affordable Catholic education.

Our Commitments

Spiritual – pray for the work of the Society and the Chesterton Schools Network

Service – help form the next generation of joyful leaders and saints through your generous monthly giving

Social – gather quarterly for exclusive events hosted by Dale Ahlquist (in person and online).

Prefer to make a one-time, annual gift? Call us at 952-831-3096.

Mission Impact


We have distributed over 25,000 prayer cards, uniting people around the world in prayer for the intercession of G.K. Chesterton.

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We are educating over 1,500 students currently across the Chesterton Schools Network, forming a new generation of joyful leaders and saints.


We have helped open 45 schools in the US, Canada, Iraq, and Sierra Leone, with 17 additional schools slated to open in the next academic year. 

Become a Knight and Receive ...

Invitation to Knights Roundtable quarterly events hosted by Dale Ahlquist
– Remarks by Dale Ahlquist plus guided reading, commentary, and discussion

  • Update on mission impact of the Knights
  • Special cocktail recipe for each session – collect them all!
  • Attend online or in person
Annual Knights Dinner before the annual Chesterton Conference.

Membership in the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton – regular issues of Gilbert magazine, member discounts, special content, and more. 

Invitations to pilgrimages, events, and special opportunities.

An Invitation from Dale Ahlquist

Dim drums throbbing, in the hills half heard…

—Lepanto by G.K. Chesterton

Just as Don John of Austria was called to defend Christendom at the history-changing Battle of Lepanto, I believe we are called to fight and defeat the newest enemy of our civilization.

The degradation of our culture has inflicted damage on young, formative minds. In the midst of the pandemic and nation-wide violence, this evil has accelerated. Of great concern is the devastating impact on our Catholic schools, many disappearing for lack of funds.

Yet, praise God, we are experiencing what approaches a miracle. In the midst of this darkness, we have been opening new Catholic, classical high schools through the Chesterton Schools Network. Demand is overwhelming and we now have 45 schools operating across the United States, Canada, Iraq, and Sierra Leone, with a dear sister school in Italy. Another 17 schools are slated to open next fall.

The Chesterton Schools Network has been reclaiming Christendom by teaching Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. As the demand and need for our schools is exploding, we need help to create a strong and sustainable source of monthly donations to support them. That is why we have established the elite fighting corps, The Knights of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton. 

I am calling upon you to become a Knight or Lady of the Society. Please choose from one of the monthly giving levels above and become a joyful warrior with us!

As always, let’s keep praying for one another.

Your servant,

Dale Ahlquist