The Apostolate of Common Sense
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Start a Local Society

Why Start a Society?

There is hardly a better way to spend one’s time than reading Chesterton, unless it is reading Chesterton with other people! There are now over 100 local societies around the world where Chesterton fans gather monthly to enjoy friendship and fellowship, and to discuss that month’s selection from Chesterton. Can’t find a Chesterton society in your area? It’s easy to start a group to share common sense, laughter, beauty, faith, and other good things.

5 Simple Steps to Begin

  1. Contact Victoria Darkey, Local Society liaison to express your interest.
  2. Find a few other people who share an interest in Chesterton and in meeting regularly.
  3. Locate a place to meet regularly.
  4. Agree on a time to meet regularly.
  5. Make sure there’s something to drink.