Gilbert Vol. 17, No. 1 (2013) – Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton
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Gilbert Vol. 17, No. 1 (2013)

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Gilbert Vol. 17 No. 1 | Sep-Oct 2013

2 | Tremendous Trifles

3 | Editorial

4 | Lunacy & Letters

6 | Straws in the Wind
The Heretic by G.K. Chesterton

8 | Schall on Chesterton
On the “Prefatory Note” to The Everlasting Man by James V. Schall S.J.

10 | Miscellany Of Men
Chestertonian Troubadour by David Paul Deavel

12 | Conference Report
A Beacon of Light in These New Dark Ages by Sean P. Dailey & Nancy Carpentier Brown

17 | Fancies Versus Fads
It’s Time We Demanded More by Chris Chan

18 | All is Grist
Modernity’s Desire for Gray Smoke from St. Peter’s by Brian C. Potts
The Christ-like Francis by Colin Powell
Friendly Facing by Joe Campbell
The Mystery of Watson’s Luncheon by Sean Fitzpatrick

24 | Tales of the Short Bow
Heating Contractor by James G. Bruen Jr.
Jack and the Giant Apple by Kelsey MacIntyre

27 | Chesterton University
Pieces of a Puzzle by Dale Ahlquist

28 | The Flying Inn
Black Widow Spiders by David Beresford

29 | The Flying Stars
Sainthood for Frances & Gilbert? by Nancy Carpentier Brown

30 | Varied Types
Cheers! by Victoria Darkey

31 | All I Survey
Poiesis by David W. Fagerberg

34 | The Detection Club
Knife Fight by James G. Bruen Jr.
Murdoch Mysteries Reviewed by Chris Chan

36 | Book Reviews
The Party Line Reviewed by Chris Chan
Peace, They Say Reviewed by Chris Chan

40 | Fear of Film
The Scarlet Pimpernel Reviewed by Chris Chan

41 | The Signature of Man
Jacob Epstein’s Ecce Homo by G.K. Chesterton

43 | Hills Half Heard
From Kerouac to Chesterton by Art Livingston

44 | The Distributist
Cultural “Fundies” by Richard Aleman

47| Chesterton’s Mail Bag
Movies, Spirits, and Liberty

48 | Letter to America
Thought for the Thoughtless by G.K. Chesterton

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