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Ideas for Sharing Chesterton with Others

Wondering how to share the wit and wisdom of G.K. Chesterton with your loved ones? Check out these recommendations for young readers and high school students.

For Young Readers

The Father Brown Reader One and Two are great ways to introduce 8-12 year olds to the work of Chesterton, but at a reading level they can handle themselves. These books are wonderful to read aloud. 

The Chestertons and the Golden Key is a delightful story about a real family that the Chestertons met while on holiday and how the family came to solve a mystery.

The Blue Cross Study Edition contains G.K. Chesterton’s entire original short story The Blue Cross as well as study material by best-selling author Nancy Carpentier Brown. The Blue Cross originally published in 1910 was Chesterton’s first Father Brown mystery, in which he introduced the reader to the famed detective and the infamous criminal Flambeau. It is intended for classrooms, home educating families, book clubs, and individual study. 7th grade to adult.

For High Schoolers

Consider sharing Chesterton’s poems Lepanto and the Ballad of the White Horse. The Coloured Lands and G.K. Chesterton’s Early Poetry feature delightful nonsense verse, sure to delight and amuse.

The Ball and the Cross edition below contains splendid illustrations by New York Times best-selling artist Ben Hatke. This classic novel chronicles a hot dispute between two Scotsmen, a Roman Catholic, and an atheist, whose fanatically held opinions inspire a host of comic adventures.