Lecture 89: Daylight and Nightmare

I could sit here and write some very creditable creepy tale, about how I went up the crooked road beyond the church and met Something -say a dog, a dog with one eye. Then I should meet a horse, perhaps, a horse without a rider; the horse also would have one eye. Then the inhuman [...]

Lecture 88: A Chesterton Reader

A few years ago Frank Petta of happy memory sent me a box full of papers. I don’t know if he mistook me for a wastebasket or what. Frank was notorious with a photocopier, and a lot of what he sent arrived in triplicate or worse. It was mostly a bunch of jokes and copies [...]

Was G.K. Chesterton Anti-Semitic?

| QUESTION Is there any truth to the accusation that G.K. Chesterton was anti-Semitic? ANSWER For those of us who love Chesterton, we are always distressed to see him falsely accused of something vile. But we have gotten a little tired of the charge of anti-Semitism. He has been absolved of that charge too many [...]

Lecture 87: The Spirit of Christmas

If Christmas has just passed, all of the anticipation and celebration is banished for another year. It is hard to write about that magical and mysterious season when it is just over with. It would be easier to write about it in the summer. “Christmas in July,” means something: it means you have an unexpected [...]